The House System


Overview †

The house system had its beginnings in the academic institutions of the early Middle Ages. At that time, Master Teachers would gather students together to live and study together in a house.  The Master was not only responsible to teach students academic subjects, but they were also expected to disciple them in their Christian faith.  These gatherings of students with their Masters were the foundations of the great universities of Europe. Today, the term “house” refers simply to groupings of pupils, usually with no buildings involved.

It is in this tradition that Providence Academy has divided its Logic and Rhetoric School into groups of students, each led by House Master Teachers.  The goals of our house system are:

  • To assimilate new students into the PA culture.
  • To provide Godly accountability on campus between students.
  • To enable students to form bonds of fellowship around common interests and goals.
  • To foster a love of learning and academic excellence.
  • To inspire a vibrant walk with God.
  • To more effectively serve the school and the community.

The competition among the Houses involves a weekly assessment of accumulated points posted in the upstairs hallway.  Points come from different sources.  Each week, the House with the most points is posted above the rest to announce their accomplishment.  To encourage competition throughout the Trimester, a lunch off campus is given to the house with the most points at Trimester end.

Points are earned through academic, artistic, and athletic excellence, as well as through virtuous behavior.  Points are taken away from Houses due to tardiness, dress code violations, and poor behavior.  Each Trimester there will be special competitions between the Houses.

At the end of each academic year, the House with the most accumulated points earns the distinction of winning the House Cup. The name of the House will be added to the Cup into perpetuity and that House’s colors will be displayed with the Cup for the following year.

House Structure

House Parents

There is one designated House Parent per House.  This parent must be a parent of one of the students in that House.  House Parents serve to enhance and to support the house system by assisting the House Master and House Captains in planning, organizing, and/or executing House-related events (i.e. socials, service projects, etc.) on an “as needed” basis.  They are also responsible for communicating House-related information to other parents and for securing help or needed items from parents within the Houses for House-related events.

House Masters

Each House is organized around teachers who serve as Masters for their House.  Their responsibilities include supervising House activities, encouraging the officers to complete their duties, and modeling a Christian walk before the students.  House Masters, in counsel with the L & R School Administrator, choose the students in their Houses most qualified to serve as House Captains each year.  Preference is given to upper classmen, while time on campus, character, and leadership skills are also considered.  The Master hosts House meetings in his or her classroom and may also call additional meetings after school or at lunchtime, provided there are no conflicts and parents are notified of after school meetings.  The Master makes sure House members use the time wisely to work on House projects, to make preparations for upcoming competitions, to pray, or to complete other House-related tasks.  Meetings also serve as a time for fellowship within each House, and Masters are expected to get to know their House members.  Masters are the personal point of contact for the students in the House and a main source of encouragement for their success at school.  They should encourage the upper classmen to edify and teach the younger students and should urge the younger students to imitate the right attitudes and behaviors they see in the older students.

House Captains

The L & R School Administrator and Headmaster, with input from the House Masters, appoint two House Captains to serve under the House Master.  The House Captains, usually seniors, are responsible to make certain that the officers are completing their tasks and that the students are conducting themselves in ways that befit a Paladin.  House Captains schedule and preside over house meetings and work closely with the House Masters to make their houses successful.  The House Captains are chosen based on observations of their leadership abilities, their spiritual walks, and their positive examples to other students.  They are the spiritual leaders of their Houses and should see to it that their Houses pray together, work on projects together, and honor the Lord in all things.  The House Captains are the official spokesmen for their Houses and may be called upon to represent their Houses in meetings, in presentations, or in other activities.  The Captains must take initiative to make sure that every member of their respective Houses is aware of his or her right to be heard in meetings and that their Houses as a whole are unified and are moving forward with positive goals.

The office of House Captain is awarded to students who have demonstrated Godly character and leadership ability.  The office is an honor and a privilege but comes with responsibility. House Captains should seek to serve with humility, faithfulness, and cheerfulness.

House Captain responsibilities are as follows:

  • Set a godly example in attitude and action.
  • Call and moderate all House meetings, as requested by the Master.
  • Act as a liaison between the House Master and the House.
  • Inspect the House Record each week to determine if House members are demonstrating virtuous behavior or establishing poor habits, especially with respect to studiousness, dress code compliance, and tardiness.  Speak to such students one-on-one and encourage them to improve their actions and attitudes.  Report habitual offenders to the House Master and help determine means of improvement.
  • Ensure that all assigned duties are performed each week in a timely manner.  If one of the other officers is absent, ensure that their task is completed.
  • Perform any other tasks or requests made by the House Master.

House Scribes

The Scribes are responsible for the collection and distribution of data and for all records associated with their Houses.

House Scribe responsibilities include:

  • Tally all the points earned and lost each week for the House (as recorded by the administration) and report findings to the House Captain and House Master.
  • Take pictures throughout the year at all House activities.
  • Provide newsworthy events and/or pictures to the House Master.
  • Keep an email list for the House up to date.
  • Take roll in House meetings.
  • Record video clips during House competitions.
  • Maintain the House website. (Websites will be set up when regulated access to the internet can be provided on campus)

House Chaplain*

The Chaplain assists his or her House by preparing short devotionals for House chapel meetings, leading in prayer, and promoting the spiritual growth of the House.

House Design Team*

The House Design Team consists of two or more students responsible for the creative projects and artistic representation of their House.  These responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • House shirt design
  • Digital Design
  • Other Events

*The offices of House Chaplain and House Design Team will be instituted when the L & R School grows in size.

†Providence Academy is indebted to Providence Classical School in Spring, TX for the structure and much of the wording of the above document.

House Duties

As members of Providence Academy, the houses will participate in the upkeep and maintenance of their surroundings. Each house will be assigned duties for a Trimester on a rotating basis to exercise their responsibility as stewards of their environment.


1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
Roland Bathrooms and Trash Hallways Dining Hall
Holger Hallways Dining Hall Bathrooms and Trash
Oliver Dining Hall Bathroom Hallways

House Point System

Trimester Competitions:

Fall Athletic Competition: 1st Place – 450 pts, 2nd Place – 300 pts, 3rd Place – 150 pts

Winter Music Competition: 1st Place – 450 pts, 2nd Place – 300 pts, 3rd Place – 150 pts

Spring Academic Competition: 1st Place – 450 pts, 2nd Place – 300 pts, 3rd Place – 150 pts

Retreats and Festivals:

Coram Deo Retreat Competion: 400 possible pts

Paladin Snow Fest: 600 possible pts

Other (Individual Points):

Exceptional Performance: 10 pts*

Chivalrous Acts: 10 pts*

Exceptional Leadership: 10 pts*

Exceptional Service: 10 pts*

House Duties: 5 pts / day

Unbecoming Acts: -10 pts*

Dress Code Violation: -10 pts

Tardy: -5 pts

Office Visit: -25 pts

Zero Violations in a Week: 15 pts

*Students will be nominated and awarded Exceptional Performance, Chivalrous Act and Exceptional Leadership points by a general consensus amongst full-time staff. The same goes for deductions.