Dress Code

Providence Academy is a workplace for students as well as for teachers. Students should dress in a way to demonstrate their respect for the school. 

Grammar school students are required to follow a Dress Code and Logic/Rhetoric school students are required to wear Uniforms. [Click Here to Purchase Uniforms]

This policy has five fundamental benefits.

1. Being overly concerned with clothing and outward appearances is contrary to God’s will for us as revealed in Scripture.

2. Pressures felt by children to compete in areas of dress are destructive to the unity of the school and the body of Christ.

3. Everything in our lives, including our clothing, should reflect the order of the Godhead and the order He created in the world.

4. Clothing should be modest and not draw attention to the individual and should reflect differences in gender.

5. Our children are serving as witnesses and ambassadors both for the Lord Jesus and the school. Student appearance is a reflection of both.

For further clarification about the Providence Academy Dress Code, please refer to the Student Handbook or contact the School Office.