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Why Providence?

Classical Education Method
The Classical education method that we follow is the best preparation for continuing education and for a full, rich life. It includes the training in critical thinking found in prep schools and Ivy League colleges. At Providence Academy, students learn how to think and solve problems on their own. Your children will be more knowledgeable, resourceful, confident and independent.

Serious Learning Environment with Parental Responsibility
Providence Academy expects families to be an integral part of the education process. With this parental involvement comes a better understanding of a child’s educational and personal development. And you can be assured that we reinforce your Christ-centered faith on a daily basis. We also provide the necessary character-building discipline and adherence to etiquette that creates a serious learning environment.

Lowest Student to Teacher Ratio
When your children attend Providence Academy they will have the personal, one-on-one interaction that is critical to learning. If a student is falling behind, we work with them and their family to turn things around. We also ensure that fast learners stay motivated and challenged. Our commitment to having the lowest student to teacher ratio enables our faculty to be more flexible and responsive to the learning needs of your children.

Fastest Growing Evangelical Christian School
With enrollment increasing, it’s clear that Providence Academy is in growth mode and carving out a leadership position in private Evangelical Christian education. Parents have peace of mind knowing that Providence Academy is going to be here for the long-term, and a growing momentum feeds our school spirit.

Best Private Christian School Value
We understand choosing a private school over public education requires an additional financial investment. That’s why we strive to create the best value for your education dollars. Providence Academy provides a proven and superior educational curriculum, the lowest student to teacher ratio for more personalized attention, and a serious learning environment that engages parents and reinforces family morals and Biblical world view.